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by Donna Moy Bruno 10/30/2023

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Horses have had a major impact on society for years, and even with the new technology age, interest surrounding them hasn’t faltered. If you’re interested in these beautiful creatures and would like to take your hobby to the next level, then perhaps owning a horse property is for you. 

What is an equestrian property?

If you’re new to the hobby, you may have heard of the term equestrian before, so what is an equestrian property? Equestrian properties feature land and facilities specifically for the keeping and maintenance of horses. 

This may include horse barns, riding trails, a wash stall and other spaces meant to keep your animals healthy and happy. 

How do equestrian farms make money?

There are numerous ways for equestrian estates to make a considerable profit. Some stables lease horses to riders, whereas other stables offer boarding for those searching for a safe and secure place to keep their animal. 

Some horse farms hold special events where visitors can come out to see horses and their riders to learn more about the animals while participating in fun activities. 

What should I search for in an equestrian property?

If you’re on the hunt for an equestrian estate, there are a few key qualities to check for to make sure the space is ideal for you and your horses. There needs to be plenty of land with an abundance of wild grass - so your animals can have room to roam and graze. 

It’s best if the yard in front of the house has a clear view of the horse fields, so you can keep a close watch over your animals to keep them safe. If you’re searching for a property with a pre-built stable, make sure it comes with adequate stall space, running water and that it faces away from harsh winds. 

Working with horses can be exciting and fun, however if you plan to own a horse farm, plenty of preparation is needed ahead of time. Consider speaking with a real estate agent specializing in equestrian properties to figure out what you’ll need to get started to owning your own farm. 

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