Impeccable and timeless house siding options for any home

by Donna Moy Bruno 01/15/2024

Say you’ve been in your home for a decent amount of time and have exhausted all internal home improvement projects. What next? You’ve cleaned and reworked your home’s exterior, repaired cedar shingles along the roof, patched the stucco siding, cleaned and polished your windows. Your home is immaculate, and ready for a showing if you’re in the market.

But what other projects may add value to your home’s resale price or even increase your current investment as you enjoy your home’s finesse? Try exterior siding.

Exterior siding refers to the layer of materials placed on the outside of your home. These materials may also protect your home against immediate weather damage or impact damage. Depending on the siding options, you may even repel pests while increasing your home’s sustainability.

Another surprising advantage of siding is the sheer amount of house siding options available on the market and the benefits each may offer a homeowner.

Wood siding

If you want a timeless siding option with class and allure, or simply opting for something with a bit more of a traditional flare, try wood siding. Wood siding doesn’t typically require as many chemicals or additives to make it strong and resilient as some of its counterparts, placing it within the sustainability category.

It’s typically easy to work with, as real wood may take alterations such as staining and protective paint a bit easier than other materials. However, to keep your home’s exterior at its best, you must keep up with your home’s maintenance schedule and check for invasive pests and damaging facets regularly.

For those who want to increase their sustainability game, try for options such as reclaimed wood. If you’d like a wood material with a higher pest and climate endurance rating, engineered wood may be your best choice.

Vinyl siding

Quite possibly one of the most affordable and widely used exterior siding options is vinyl. It’s often touted as being resistant to moisture and pests without needing much upkeep. In fact, vinyl siding can be cleaned with an average garden hose for normal upkeep or pressure washed for the tougher surfaces.

Another wonderful feature of vinyl siding is its aesthetics. It does not need to be painted or have texturing techniques applied. It typically comes in a predetermined color or texture as provided by the manufacturer, leaving homeowners with several easy options to choose from.

If you did opt to paint your home after applying vinyl siding, however, you may find yourself adding a few extra steps to remove the coating previously placed on the original vinyl siding.

Metal siding

If you reside in a more relaxed part of the country, with few damaging storms and moderate temperatures, metal siding may be a great option for you.

Because metal siding can be created from recycled metallic materials containing aluminum or steel and can lower utility bills thanks to its reflective properties, it could be considered another sustainable option. It also ranks high among the most fire-resistant house siding options, with some seriously low maintenance requirements, such as annual cleanings.

While this siding option is an excellent choice for a strong, durable and low-maintenance option, it’s crucial to remember it has a higher purchase point than most and is still susceptible to dents and other blunt damage.

Brick Siding

Like wood siding, brick siding is a timeless and durable option. While the original work may need to be completed by a masonry contractor, brick will stand the test of time against a slew of pests, storms and other affronting factors.

While this sustainable siding is created from soil materials, such as brick and clay, and can save you a decent amount on your utilities, it does have its drawbacks. Like metal siding, brick siding can be higher at the initial purchase and may require additional maintenance and repair to keep it at its finest.

However, brick siding has been praised for its ability to stand up to time and weather conditions, making it a multigenerational choice that proves its worth over time.

Other siding options for your home may include fiber cement siding, stone veneer siding or composite siding. Regardless of your choice, choosing the right siding for your home, location and household goals is fundamental to getting the most out of your home improvement investment.

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