Expert tips for throwing a memorable outdoor party

by Donna Moy Bruno 01/22/2024

Whether it’s a birthday party, pool party or other backyard event, planning an outdoor party requires both planning and flexibility. While every backyard party is different, there are some key things you can focus on to make the experience fun and memorable.

From music to food to comfortable seating, here are some of the most important elements of planning an outdoor party:

Plan the playlist

Building a party playlist can seem daunting, especially when you want to provide music spanning multiple generations and musical styles. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices, opt for an online radio or playlist service to set the perfect mood for your party. You can browse hundreds of genres and themes to find the best fit.

Don’t forget to have proper sound equipment as well. For outdoor parties, portable Bluetooth speakers are extremely convenient. You can connect your smartphone and play DJ from anywhere at the party.

Menu considerations - including special diets

Planning a dinner menu outdoors does not require more time or effort than for an indoor party. To make sure everybody’s included, offer an array of buffet items including vegetarian, vegan and other dietary options. 

A simple solution would be having a potluck, as it gives your guests the chance to share their favorite dishes. 

Beverages for everyone

Make sure to provide plenty of beverage choices. If you’re serving alcoholic beverages, have fun non-alcoholic alternatives as well. A “BYOB” setup can be perfect for an outdoor party, as it allows everyone to bring their favorite beverage. 

Setting up a DIY mocktail station adds fun and flair to your party. Include a variety of juices, mixers and fresh ingredients like fresh fruit. Serving beverages - even water - in festive glasses will also keep the party feeling cohesive.

Activities for your space & audience

Consider your guests and their preferences when choosing activities for your party. Some may enjoy quiet conversations with friends, while others might prefer playing lawn games. To keep everybody happy, set up a designated space for relaxing in comfortable outdoor furniture separate from the center of the action.

While it’s tempting to orchestrate every aspect of your party, sometimes it works best to allow your guests the freedom to choose their own activities. While some planning is always recommended, keep an open mind - a great host will help adapt the party to the needs of the group.

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